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Our mission is to ensure the good status of Estonian birds through research, protection and education.

Photo: Kauro Kuik

Bird missing for 172 years rediscovered in Borneo rainforest

The Black-browed Babbler, widely considered by experts the ‘greatest enigma in Indonesian ornithology’, has been unexpectedly rediscovered in the rainforests of Borneo more than 172 years after it was first seen.

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How to protect bird nests: if you love them, leave them alone

Every spring, birds devote a huge amount of time and energy to looking after their eggs and chicks. If you want to give them a helping hand, here are some simple tips that you can follow in your garden and local area to keep nesting birds safe.

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Latest birds observations from eElurikkus

25. February 2021
Strix uralensis (Ural Owl) 1 Maidu Kõoleht, Ere Uibu Antsla vald, RESTRICTED
Asio otus (Northern Long-eared Owl) 1 Peep Rooks Kivilõppe,
Sturnus vulgaris (Common Starling) 25 Peep Rooks Kivilõppe,
Corvus corax (Common Raven) 2 Aivar Vainsalu Tallinn, Põhja-Tallinn
Turdus merula (Eurasian Blackbird) 2 Jan Fred Joab, Janek Joab Antsla,
Carduelis chloris (European Greenfinch) 1 Peeter Tarlap Saaremaa vald, Karja küla
Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Eurasian Bullfinch) 1 Peeter Tarlap Saaremaa vald, Karja küla
Plectrophenax nivalis (Snow Bunting) 1 Toomas Traagel, Kaja Traagel Anija vald, Looküla
Carduelis chloris (European Greenfinch) 3 Peeter Tarlap Saaremaa vald, Angla küla
Columba livia (Feral Pigeon) 2 Peeter Tarlap Saaremaa vald, Angla küla