EstLat Eagles

Osprey cameras remain intresting to follow

The Osprey webcameras in ESTLAT Eagles project are popular around the world, with about 2000-3000 simultaneous watchers almost every time. There has been possible to see nest life since refresh of the nest in spring and up to fledging of chicks. The Ospreys in Latvian nest were extremely early breeders and all chicks are fledged by now.

Chicks hatched in Osprey nest and photo exposition in Haapsalu

In 7th of May we observed first egg in webcam fitted Osprey nest in Võrumaa and during six days there were laid two more. Early morning in19th of June there last, third chick hatched. You could calculate, how many days Ospreys incubate?

Eagle photos travelling exhibition in Elistvere animal park

Dear nature friends! Spring gathers speed and the best time for being outdoors is here. This time our travelling exhibition of eagle photos that is touring in Estonia, has almost gone outdoors too.

An egg in Estonian Osprey webcam nest

On May 7th, in the afternoon, the first egg appeared in our South Estonian osprey nest.

Osprey cameras in Estonia

Within the joint Estonian and Latvian activities (ESTLAT Eagles Cross Borders) osprey nest cameras were installed in three locations this year – two in Estonia and one in Latvia. There will be more about the Latvian camera when transmission from it can be watched. In Estonia we managed to get the cameras in the forest working on April 6th and 7th. Much more work was still needed at the transmission towers and the networks however to have a stream viewable by all. The Televõrgud team mounted receivers in the tower owned by Elering.

White-tailed eagle nest webcams in Estonia and Latvia

In connection with the joint activities of Estonia and Latvia (ESTLAT Eagles Cross Borders) this year we maintain a white-tailed eagle camera in Estonia (Linda and Sulev’s nest) and have installed a new camera with all necessary appendages in Latvia, in the Kolka peninsula in the Talsi district. In Estonia the camera in the forest was running on February 16th and in Latvia on February 8th.

Photo exposition "Eagles Cross Borders" open in Hugo Treffner Gymnasium

In Friday, 10th of February the photo exposition about eagles was removed from Põlva and traveled to Tartu, Hugo Treffner Gymnasium. All the large scale images are placed in the common room of the school on two floors and in several levels. The school doors are in general open for visitors.

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