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Juvenile Ospreys are fledged

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In Estonian Osprey nest kalakotkas2 there two chicks of three are fledged, but the youngest one died because of unknown reason. Her body is still in nest visible. The male in nesting pair, Ilmar got the transmitter year ago, but it stopped to transmit data couple of months ago. We tried to trap Ilmar about two weeks ago, but not successfully. Ilmar was more clever as us. Now we made another attempt and we succeed - Ilmar flew into net installed at night. So we removed old useless transmitter and replaced also left leg ring. Plastic rings worn in UV-rays and so we can recognize him for longer time in the future.  In trapping day the chicks got less food, but next day everything was fine. Probably we can see the juveniles visiting the nest during two-three weeks before they start to migrate.

Eesti kalakotkas2 kaamerapesa noorem poeg tuult püüdmas. Pilt: Molly LK foorumist
Osprey chick tests the wind and wings. Image: Molly from LK Forum

Other Osprey webcam nest kalakotkas was not successful this year and no chicks were there. Therefore adult Ospreys visited nest randomly and rarely. So the trapping of female and removing of transmitter will postponed up to the next year.
In Latvian webcam nest the chicks fledged already nearly a month ago and one of juveniles has got free of a red plastic ring already. Probably there is no long time up to migration left.
In White-tailed Eagles webcam nests fledged one chick, but since mid-June there have been technical problems with transmission of stream. In the end of July we tried again to repair system, but different parts of system were damaged so we removed camera and will rebuild system in autumn.
Best option to see the events in webcam nests is to look over the forums at looduskalender. Every camera has own topic(s).
On the migration map of the ESTLAT Eagles project we can see first movements of this migration season - some birds fly south to winter, some return from north were they spent summer...
ESTLAT Eagles project will end in September,  but not the activities started within the project.