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Chicks in nest of Latvian Ospreys

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Despite of late spring we were able to observe first osprey in Latvian webcam nest near the end of March and after a week also the mate arrived. Into the nests in Estonia the ospreys arrived about three weeks later, so also the eggs were laid later.
About Latvian osprey nest with web camera it is possible to read more on web site of our partner Latvian Fund for Nature.

Image: Molly, member of LK forum
If in Latvian osprey nest all life goes smoothly and without of troubles, we can't say the same about Estonian osprey nests with cameras. After successful breeding in last year it seems that in osprey nest located in Võrumaa county will be without of chicks. The male in nest (Madis) was first at nest also this year and for mate appeared new female without of rings, called in forum as Oxana. As transmitter of old female Piret stopped in Egypt, it seemed that so it will be, breeding with new female. But suddenly, Piret landed onto nest and big fight started. During the war new female laid an egg, but was almost not able to incubate. Finally the egg was covered with nest material, but Piret also did not lay any eggs afterwards. Though she won a war. We plan to remove the malfunctioning tag from Piret, but first she needs to be trapped.
In second osprey nest in Estonia, Tartumaa county the nest life is running almost well and about after three weeks the chicks should hatch. The male in nest (Ilmar) is carrying transmitter as well, but also this one is not perfectly working. Ilmars nest was tested by other birds, other ospreys, white-tailed eagles, goshawk, kestrel and even mallard. But even two times bigger white-tailed eagles were frightened away by Ilmar. Sometimes the crows disturb the incubation.
At same time in white-tailed eagles (Linda and Sulev) nest the chick is big enough to be ringed soon.
Best option to see the events in webcam nests is to look over the forums at looduskalender.
The photo exposition about the great birds is presented in probably last place, Valga Kultuuri- ja Huvialakeskus.