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EOÜ uudiskiri ilmub umbes 2-3 korda kuus ja edastab teavet lindudega seotud sündmustest, tegevustest ja uudistest. Ühingu liikmed liidetakse automaatselt.

Liitu EOÜ uudiskirjaga!

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Soon it will be busy time!

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The activity of eagles at winter feeder is somehow less visible last days. There is no surprise, because eagles pay more attention to the nest sites in early spring. Of course those who have the nest already. Others either are immatures or have no nest inhabited, yet. One nearly adult white-tailed Eagle you can observe moving around on our migration map. This is five years old male White-tailed Eagle A531 (so he was named by Latvian colleagues, according the ring code he has).
But closer view to the White-tailed Eagles nest you could have through the web camera, what is managed within ESTLAT Eagles project this season.

Sulev laid on the nest and Linda makes some reparation work (webcam image)

The eagles stay at the nest longer and longer every day and up to first egg there could be nearly ten days to wait.
The pair of White-tailed Eagles, named by observers as Linda and Sulev, they were possible to look through web camera also in the past, if they nested in previous nest 2009-2010. The web camera was installed to the current nest only in this winter. Linda, the female in the pair has hatched in Alam-Pedja nature reserve 1998 as one of two youngs in the brood. Afterwards, in the brood of Linda there is known only two chicks in brood every year. The history of Sulev we do not know, as he has no rings.

Today there is no migration visible on migration map, but most probably very soon some birds start. Who will be the first?