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Easiest way to observe White-tailed Eagles...

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Like during last winter we managed in ESTLAT Eagles cross borders project to install web camera to the eagles winter feeding place in western Estonia, Läänemaa county. So everybody has the possibility to observe the eagles, mainly the White-tailed Eagles, called also as Sea Eagles. There are several individuals present during a day, but by now the most of them are coming from Finland. The unringed eagles origin we don't know. Webcam is supplemented with audio channel, so you could hear the voices as well, though the microphone situated about 30m of feeding spot. The direct link to feeder is here.
We started to feed eagles since second half of November and tried to launch camera system already in the beginning of December, but due the several unexpected problems in transmission got ready only in 29th of December. Let's hope the camera stream will be continuously reachable for everybody interested in these great birds.

Eagles have been well collaborated with us, as almost every time some individual is present and the most there have been nine eagles in the camera view same time. Usually, though, there are less of them visible.

Photos by Bea (LK Forum)

In mild weather conditions the food has been eaten quite quickly and the ravens help in that well. The food is from hunters, also road traffic victims and the fish sometimes are used.
We are using one of the best webcam available, with pan-tilt-zoom possibilities. That's reasonable, because the aim is to read as many rings of eagles as possible (last season there were 20 different rings read). The camera is operated by selected volunteers, who work hardly all the time for benefit all observers. In the Looduskalender Forum are fixed most of events observed, in snapshots or in videos stored. So in the end of day everybody could get overview about the day (or longer time) at feeder. Forum is based on English conversation.
The report of last season you can read here.